Was Superbowl 55 a Rigged Game?

Is Tom Brady the Greatest of all Time (G.O.A.T.) as were told. Perhaps Tom Brady is superhuman.

What does  it mean in numerology?

Lets look at the facts. At the age of 43 Tom Brady has managed to win his 7th Superbowl, on 02/07/2021.

Hmm that’s his 7th Superbowl on the 7th. He has won 7 out of 55 total superbowl’s ever played. That means out of all the Superbowl’s, ever, Tom Brady has won an amazing 12.7% percent of them. Someone help here, I don’t know a thing about numerology but there are ones and twos and sevens all over those figures.

He Must Defeat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes to prove he’s the best.

But what about his legacy, this year in the playoff’s he beat legendary Drew Brees One of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With an uncharacteristic performance from the New Orleans Saints (whom many experts thought would actually be in Superbowl 55) they lost to the Tampa bay Bucs.

The following week the Bucs traveled to Green Bay Wisconsin to take on defeat packers. Prior to that game, the Packers were also a favorite to appear in Superbowl 55 by many experts, but The game itself had many questionable calls in favor of the Bucs leaving many to wonder if that game was rigged. Aaron Rodgers, also one of the greatest quarterback sin the NFL, actually won  NFL quarterback  MVP. He was so upset over that loss, he is questions his future with the Packers.

Obviously Patrick Mahomes, already legendary quarterback at his young age, needs no discussion , So who is the best quarterback of all time? Brady will retire soon, Brees has already said hes retiring, and Rodgers no doubt will also retire within a few years, but Mahomes has possibly many years to play. So in order for Tom Brady to prove that he is the G.O.A.T. he needed to defeat Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes. He did just that!

Amazing how that works. But did the NFL rig these games to give Brady a gift? If so why would they do that?

Satanic Cults, Witchcraft, Illumaniti?

Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson has a bizarre theory. According to him Superbowl 55 was rigged, because Tom Brady is in a ‘Satanic Cult’ along with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant (I guess he believes Kobe was a blood sacrifice on behalf of LeBron). Many dismiss Larry James as crazy and conspiracy theorist but consider also Tom Brady’s wife is a ‘good’ witch. Even Brady himself has talked about his wife’s pre-game rituals. I guess those rituals work!

Bad Luck for the Chiefs

Before the game started there was a commercial that featured Vince Lombardi. In case you don’t know he coached the Green bay Packers in the first Superbowl against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers won so because of that the Superbowl trophy is called the Lombardi Trophy in honor of him. Because the Chiefs lost that game their coach has the AFC championship trophy (Lamar Hunt Trophy) named after him.

That has to be bad luck for the Chiefs, perhaps if was a form of necromancy?

What about Britt Reid, Chiefs assistant linebacker coach, and son of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid?

He was involved in a horrible accident where he ran into a parked car that had stopped to help another disabled vehicle. It was reported he had two or three drinks and had taken adderall. As a result of that accident a five year old girl is hospitalized and fighting for her life.

At the time of writing this it was announced that Marty Schottenheimer, Kansas City Chiefs legendary NFL head coach, died at age 77.

Did the Halftime show reveal anything?

Its theorized that the people in charge have to reveal whatever they do as part of some legalism involved with their religion (people say Satanism, Luciferianism and/or the Illuminati). Perhaps the bizarre halftime show performed by The Weekend.

Video: https://youtu.be/jh2HvyQ7POk

Of all the Bizarre visualizations couldn’t help but notice that The Weekend and his dancers were all wearing maroon jackets, with black clothes and white masks, the colors of the Tampa bay Buccaneers. Were they telling us that the NFL ‘powers that be’ were in the tank for the Bucs?

I find it weird that Tom Brady used to be a Patriot, then became a Buccaneer (a pirate).

Then possibly stole a Superbowl.

Good thing they can’t do that with elections!

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