Is the Internet Censored?

I ask this question because of some very specific things that have happened since I started this blog.

In December and January I wrote a series of posts about the online persona knows as ‘Q Anon’ or simply ‘Q’. Only two such posts remain.

In the post:  Q [Anon] Who… All Good Things I posted a link to “The Book of Q” talked about some basics of Q and talked about why was it when Rosanne Barr Tweeted “Who is Q” her twitter account went down as well as her website.

In the post Down the Rabbit Hole with Q Anon: A Tale of Two Princes, I told an interesting tale about the Saudi Royalty, a story Q seemed to be heavily hinting at then.

These are the only “Q” posts that remain

They were mostly positive posts about Q

Then I posted a third calling into question Q’s motives, and even suggested someone whom It could be, someone very close to President Trump. This post was a negative Q post, and at one time was at the top of the Google links when Q Anon was searched for.

The post was removed from by blog. I didn’t remove it, nor edit it in any way. And to add insult to injury, doesn’t show up in Google at all anymore.

No explanation as to why or what happened.

Around the same time there were also other posts removed as well as my Twitter account was taken down.

No explanation for that as well, although I was given the option to reinstate it. When I did it was like a brand new account, and all my followers were gone.

So if you were following my Twitter account and wonder what happened there it is.

I quickly de activated it myself once I saw that.

I will get back to writing again, had some interesting stuff to post about mostly centering on the New Temple and Biblical prophecy, but to be honest I haven’t felt like writing much since then.

dissapearing q post






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