Q [Anon] Who… All Good Things

Who is Q?

If you haven’t heard of ‘Q’ that might sound like an odd question, but that’s exactly the question Rosanne Bar tweeted on November the 17th. She was referring to an anonymous poster on 4chan, known as Q Anon.


Q Anon first appeared on the online message board 4chan on the 28th of October. This unknown person (or perhaps group of people) posted in the “Politically Incorrect” under /pol/ in a thread called CBTS (Calm Before the Storm).  Q claimed to be a very high level insider to the government, and presumably the Trump administration with a “Q” level security clearance, supposedly the highest level of security clearance one can get. He also claimed that President Trump is being protected by the U.S. military because the FBI, CIA and the Secret Service are all corrupt.

Generally Q posts a series of cryptic questions and statements, always drawing attention to the fact that (as Q maintains) there is a current war between, what is generally termed, the “deep state”, or the “shadow government” and the Trump administration. There is apparently an epic battle behind the scenes taking place. One in which Q assures us everything is going as planned and one which Trump, and by extension all of us regular people will win.

At first Q Anon wasn’t taken too seriously but as time went by statements made by him seemed to come true. For example on the 31st of October Q posted

“Friday and Saturday will deliver on MAGA promise. POTUS knows he must clean house (gov’t)


Then on the 3rd of November he posted:


“Why did JK travel to SA recently?

What is SA known for?

Where do the biggest donations come from?”


That weekend there was a huge shake-up within the Saudi royalty. Many Saudi princes were arrested and detained, along with that (according to Q) 4 trillion in USD of Saudi assets were frozen. Q Anon has consistently reminded us in his or her posts, that it’s the Saudi’s who fund Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

It would appear that Q Anon was ‘in the know’. Q is always there to remind us that even though everything looks chaotic, there is a plan and everything is under control. On another post Q stated

Any person stating they won’t run for re-election, has been put in submission”

A little over a week later, FOX News announced “40 politicians not running” Compelling isn’t it. What’s even more compelling is a mere 12 days after Q’s first post over 800 sealed indictments were issued and publically announced on government websites. What was unusual about these indictments is the fact that names were not released. That generally happens like that when they go after large criminal networks. The number of those indictments has increased since then.

On one of the more interesting posts Q posted a picture of an island through the window of an airplane. The photo was posted at the same time President Trump was on his overseas trip to the various places in the Orient and the Philippines. It didn’t take long for the anonymous sleuths of 4chan to identify the islands and match the location to Air Force One’s route.



This suggests Q is a person, or group of people who actually travel with the president, or perhaps even President Trump himself!

While none of this is conclusive, it is very interesting. Q Anon has generated a lot of discussion on not only 4chan, but also Reddit and many other internet forums. In fact Q’s CBTS thread has become the longest thread in its history. While much of Q’s claims are unverifiable to an extent on the surface Q seems to indeed have some credibility.

Is Q Donald Trump? Is he draining the swamp? Remember we first heard the term “Calm before the Storm” From him.

It was perhaps all of this more and literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of posts that led Rosanne to tweet: “Who is Q?”


Almost as soon as she tweeted that question, her Twitter account and her website went down. Again the internet forums were alive with theories on how it was perhaps the shadow government who took her websites down.

When they came back up she tweeted she’d provide an explanation as to what happened, but I was unable to find one, and it appears her tweets from November are no longer on her Twitter account.


The same thing happened to the President himself. Remember when his Twitter account was taken offline. It was blamed on a Twitter employee. It happened days after Q told us there would be social media blackouts. Was it a prediction? A Warning to Trump? A coincidence? You decide.

Q Anon still posts, posted the night before the Alabama special election was this:

“The Storm is coming to Alabama. Tomorrow night. Doug Jones will be declared the winner of the U.S. Senate Special Election. He will have more votes than Roy Moore. The multiple fraudulent voting techniques employed to achieve this result are being allowed to occur. They are being documented. The subsequent “investigation” will reveal the entire Democrat Machine. This was put into play long ago. Y’all are soon to find out the true reason Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was installed as the U.S. Attorney General.”

Well Doug Jones won guess we’ll see how it all plays out.

Much of this information was taken from The Book of Q, (author unknown); the rest of it has come from various places on the interwebs mainly reddit.

The title was taken from two episodes of Star Trek, the Next Generation titled “Q Who”, and “All Good Things”. In both of these episodes a recurring character played by John de Lancie plays an all powerful omnipotent being known simply as “Q”. In “Q Who”, Q offers to divest himself of his powers in order to guide humanity through uncharted regions, and prepare it for unknown threats. In “All Good Things” Q gives Captain Picard a hand in saving Humanity.


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