Final Destination, Surviving Las Vegas

In the 2000 movie Final Destination a group of teenagers fail to board a jetliner, the plane later crashes. After avoiding their deaths they die later on one by one from various bizarre accidents. It seems they were destined to die and by avoiding their flight they only postponed the inevitable. The movie was the first in a franchise consisting of five movies to date, and were based on a script originally written for The X Files.

Almost as bizarre as the movie are the seemingly mysterious deaths of several survivors of the Mass shooting at the Rt. 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Are we seeing a ‘Final Destination effect’ taking place? More importantly are there any truths to the claims.

Kymberley, Orville, Dennis, Lorraine

09 October 2017 Kymberley Suchomel was the first to die. She was in attendance to the concert and had posted to her Facebook account about her experience that night as well as the stress she felt from it. In her post she stated there were several shooters. She passed away in her sleep. Kymberley had a pituitary tumor, epilepsy, and was prone to seizures. It is believed those factors as well as post traumatic stress contributed to her death. Ironically she and her grandmother had started a foundation to help people who suffered from tragedy. This one is true.

16 October 2017 Dennis and Lorraine Carver were line dancing to Jason Aldean’s music when the shooting started. Dennis courageously shielded his wife Lorrain with his own body until there was a lull in the shooting, they then ran to safety holding hands. They died two weeks later in a car accident less than a mile from their home. It was reported they lost control of their Mercedes and crashed into a metal gate and pillars. The car instantly burst into flames, it took an hour for fire crews to contain the blaze. This one is true.

17 November 2017 Roy McClellan Survived the shooting only to be struck and killed in a hit and run accident while hitchhiking. He got into an argument with a friend at a party and stormed off. “I don’t understand why he wasn’t taken at the shooting, but a month later he was taken this way, I hope my husband found peace and he’s safe now.” His wife said in an interview. She also stated that the stress from the shooting was “really messing with his head” This one is true.

Roy McClellan

23 October 2017 Danny Contreras was found shot to death in a vacant house. On his twitter account he had stated “Feeling lcky to be alive. cant believe I got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. Not evry 1 so lcky” This one is unverifiable. The original source for this appears to be There was indeed a man by that name shot to death in a vacant house, however snopes states they were 2 different people with the same name. This one is at best a ‘maybe’ but leaning towards not true.

Danny Contreras and tweet

29 October 2017 Orville Almon was a successful attorney in Nashville. He represented record company execs, music publishers, record companies, television production companies, managers and clients in the entertainment industry. It was said that he also represented both Jason Aldean and the Route 91 Music Festival. His cause of death was a seizure while he slept. In the days following the shooting, it was reported that he wrote in private Facebook posts, describing his meetings with Vegas police, the FBI and MGM as “incredibly strange and complex”. It is very plausible that he represented either Jason Aldean and/or the Rt 91 Music Festival, but again all this information is unverifiable. Once again the original source for this appears to be Snopes has nothing to say about Orville Almon. This one is a solid ‘maybe’.

16 October 2017 Chad Nishimura was shot dead outside of a Vegas church. It was reported Mr. Nishimura was the hotel worker who parked Steven Paddock’s car and stated in interviews that Steven Paddock had very few bags. It was further reported that his interviews were ordered by ‘the powers that be’ to be removed completely from the internet. The stories were completely false, and appear to have originated to The man who was murdered was another man, Hector Antonio Lemus-Flores, age 45. Mr. Nishimura, by the way, is still alive. There is no truth in this one, False.

04 October 2017 John Beilman shot and killed his disabled 27 year old daughter then himself in a murder-suicide. It was reported by a Rochester newspaper that his home was searched by the FBI. Other sources connected him to the manufacturing of a particular battery charger found in Steven Paddocks hotel room. Again these were completely fabricated lies from, possibly originating from a well known disinformation agent known as Sorcha Faal. There was a John Beilman who killed himself and his daughter but he had absolutely no ties to the Las Vegas Shooting. This one is false.

There is no doubt the shooting at Las Vegas was extremely traumatic for all involved. Between the changing timelines and conflicting eye witness reports many questions have been raised. The official story is there was only one shooter but in several videos from the event you can clearly hear multiple rifles and on occasion overlapping fire. It’s normal to ask questions. We are told anything that deviates from the official story is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Is there a cover-up in progress as many people are wondering?

There is something else that seems to happen around traumatic events. Death and bizarre things happen to many people after combat. I have seen it in my own National Guard unit. In 2003-04 we deployed to Iraq, aside from several injuries everyone made it back just fine. The unit itself earned several awards and several soldiers were awarded Bronze Stars.

Upon return one soldier died in a head on collision in a hot rod he had, his wife was with him, she survived the accident but was injured severely.

Our own Colonel came down with cancer and left the unit to undergo his treatments, no one has heard from him since.

Another soldier committed suicide during an argument with his girlfriend.

Another soldier died in his sleep, they said due to complications from sleep apnea, he was also on several pain medications due to chronic pain.

Another soldier was running P.T. and collapsed from a massive heart attack, they said he died so suddenly they would not have been able to save him even if they got to him sooner. He had no known heart problems prior to this.

Another soldier who got into an argument with his wife, stormed off to be alone, and she pulled out a gun and committed suicide.

We had yet another soldier who shot his wife on a Friday, stayed with her body for the weekend before turning his gun on himself on Sunday.

Another young captain who had returned from a training school got into an argument with an ex boyfriend who shot and killed her, then himself.

Yet another soldier lost control of his motorcycle and died.

These were the most serious, but there were many more incidents of DUI’s, auto and motorcycle accidents, divorce and cancer. I myself totaled a car after hitting a cow head on. Yes you read that right a cow. A neighbor farmer’s whole heard got loose and for whatever reason decided to run down a small 2 lane country highway I drive every day. I just happened to be there for the event, aside from airbag injuries on my arms I was just fine.

Is there a “Final Destination” effect? If we somehow cheat the Grim Reaper from taking your life does he return to take it later? Nah I don’t believe that. In many of the cases in our own unit post traumatic stress was a factor, as it also appeared to be a factor in the deaths amongst the survivors of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. You can’t say that in every case though.

I would bet if you asked other servicemen and women who’ve deployed and returned, they’d have similar stories about their units post deployment. It appears there seems to exist a phenomenon of death and bizarre incidents which occur after traumatic events. Perhaps the demonic realm gets stirred up from the negative energy? I don’t know but it’s weird for sure.

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