Is the Las Vegas Shooting a Warning for Christians?

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 Timothy chapter 3 verse 1. In the original Greek, the word “perilous“ is chalepos, meaning dangerous, furious… fierce.

Yesterday the news was dominated with the Las Vegas shooting. Millionaire Stephen Paddock had broke out two windows in his Mandela bay hotel suite, set up two firing positions, and opened up with automatic rifle fire on a country music festival 32 stories below. As of today 59 people have lost their lives and over 500 have been wounded. Stephen Paddock had no criminal record, nor any known political affiliations. To date it is the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history.

Why would this seemingly normal 63 year old man do this?

In the coming days and weeks we will see “experts” try to explain this man’s actions even though he didn’t fit into any profile. Pundants will attempt to peddle their political positions, trying to convince us that now is the time to finally strip away our second amendment rights. Others will attempt to connect him to certain political philosophies and use him, in a form of necromancy, to attack others’ beliefs.

The truth is pure and simple.

The symbolism shown all day on national TV was subtle, no doubt unintentional, but still very clear. All day we saw, curtsey of the Luxor, Egyptian symbolism- A sphinx, a pyramid, and an obelisk. We were told the gunman fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandela Bay hotel. He fired into the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. 32 is said to be a powerful number in Luciferian doctrine as well as Freemasonry.


But… Did you catch that? A Harvest festival. There is no doubt this was a clear message from the demonic. It is a message for all believers – “You are not safe!

Christianity and country music go together like Chevrolet and apple pie. True there are songs celebrating drinking and partying, but a lot of it is wholesome, expressing family values, with many stars professing, openly, to belief in Christ. There are many hit songs with Christian values, and prayer in them. While there is no actual polling indicating how many fans profess a faith in Christ, the genera in general is known for it. Research done by the CMA and Billboard magazine has stated “Country music fans are also passionate about their family,” Fuson said. “We found that 90 percent spend time with their family, and 81 percent have dinner with them every night compared to a national average of 43 percent. Seventy-nine percent of the country fans wish they had more time to spend with their families.” This shows clear family values and is a strong indication of Christian faith, even though Country star Jason Aldean (singer on stage) himself doesn’t outwardly show it.

The point is this; the obvious demonic force behind Stephen Paddock knew there would be lots of believers to gun down. Sadly this may be an indication of a trend.

On June 17 2015 we were shocked to learn Dylann Storm Roof entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina and gunned down ten people (including children) while their heads were bowed in prayer, killing 9. White supremacist views and Neo Nazism was the reason given for his motive.

A few months later 26 year old Chris Harper Mercier entered Umpqua Community College in Rosenburg Oregon where he shot and killed nine people, and injuring at least seven more. In interviews with students there it was said he lined up people asking them if they were Christian. If they replied “yes”, he told them they would see God in a few seconds then shot them dead. If the answer was “no” he shot them to wound them.

Only a few weeks ago another gunman, 25 year old Emanuel Kidega Samson, entered Brunette Chapel Church of Christ, killing one and injuring seven others. In a struggle church usher Robert Engle stopped him. He was hailed as a hero, and no question about it he is, but I would say it was the Lord who kept the shooting from being much worse. The shooter, Emanuel Samson, stated it was revenge for Dylann Roof’s shooting.

Fear Not. If all this seems scary relax, and take a deep breath because despite the obvious demonic warnings realize You are safe! You are held safe in His hands. Nothing can happen to you before it’s time and it is He who will determine when it’s time to go home. Still it might be prudent to stay in prayer, and keep your head on a swivel- don’t make things easy for the enemy. In all things remember it’s Lord Jesus who is in control, and he can’t come soon enough!

On a personal note:

These are examples of the big stories that have been in the news but it seems like every brother and sister I talk to, privately, recount stories of their own recent and ongoing spiritual warfare battles. My wife and I are no exception. Someday I may write about it, as it’s has been utterly bizarre and at times made me even question my own sanity. It seems it’s been happening to everyone I know, yet hardly anyone is talking about it. It would appear there has been a severe uptick in demonic activity. It’s only going to get worse.

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